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But before the hour strikes, Jimmy Kimmel’s assistant escorts me into his man den of an office at Hollywood’s historic El Capitan Theatre, next door to where his talk show tapes.Kimmel’s office sits at the top of several flights of stairs and is filled with artwork, bobbleheads and other tchotchkes.He not only hosts the weeknight show, he’s the hands-on executive producer, runs Jackhole Productions and seldom turns down an opportunity to help a charitable organization.He’s a perennial awards show host, actor and voice actor whose work includes twice voicing Passive-Aggressive Smurf on the big screen.Jimmy’s loyal to a fault, but he also hires people who can do the job.” Leave it to jokester Kimmel to brush off a compliment about his loyalty to friends, family and co-workers with a comedy bit about what makes an employee loyal to him.“I mean, if you were offered a dream job and decided to stay with me, then I’m going with loyalty,” Kimmel says.

every day.” Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co., is unaware that Kimmel has been playing a little game with him for years.

But he still enjoys a good stunt, and he still gets in trouble, as with the video showing kids dissolving into tears after their parents lied that they’d eaten all the kids’ Halloween candy, which drew fire from parenting groups.

Around the offices, hijinks only contribute to a family atmosphere—that and the fact that family and longtime friends actually work here.

Last summer, Kimmel married head writer Molly Mc Nearney, who worked on the show for a decade and began dating him a few years ago.

Kimmel and Mc Nearney, his second wife, were expecting their first child in July.

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