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It's hard enough to stay serene even without alcoholism at my doorstep. I though, "finally, one that knows he is an alcoholic and admitted it." But, lo and behold, he has relapsed twice since we have been together. He'd been sober for about 5 years but relapsed his first semester of law school. I think I was addicted to the drama and chaos, because there was plenty of it. But I have to choose not to focus on that, or else it steals the joy right out of today.

In my opinon, he has relapsed worse than any of the A's that never admitted it. He's my husband now - he has a little more than 2 years of sobriety. After I got out of my marriage to an alcoholic, I swore I wouldn't date any more alcoholics. He's my husband now, and it amazes me to see what his HP has done for him one day at a time. HOWEVER, in thinking about entering a new relationship, I'd like to think I'd be able to act logically and use my head and not my heart.

And also, somehow they gravitate to us, as if they know who will take on the risky propositions.

So I'm thinking I'd better err on the side of being too picky about alcoholism, rather than not picky enough.

He had really gotten his head straight, and he helped me understand a lot about alcoholism.They'll be the first to tell you, "If he hasn't had a year sober, walk away," and, "Stop talking about him, let's focus on you".Dating someone with any sort of illness isn't easy, but the first step is the same no matter what the story: educate yourself.It's true that thousands of people have gone into recovery and stayed sober for the rest of their lives.The statistics are that it's somewhere between 5%-30% of alcoholics that really stay sober.

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