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And two days before that in Seattle, that was a beautiful, wonderful people. I think most recently, I take [song]writing pretty seriously. Or if I just don’t care as much — if I stop caring then that’s a problem.

R&B: What has been one of your favorite collaborating experiences? And it makes me smile when I sing it, so if it makes me happy then I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make other people happy. I always learn from writing with other people, no matter who they are or how experienced they are, because it gives you different perspectives.

R&B: Since you started performing, what has been your favorite place to perform?

MM: My favorite place to perform is a place where people are excited, show up and participate. It’s more of an emotional place of gratitude where we all come together for the same cause and having a good time.

MM: Most recently I did a co-write with Kristian Bush [of Sugarland.] It’s on my latest CD, and that was really fun. As far as performing, I performed with Greg Allman at Symphony Hall two years ago and that was pretty fascinating.

It was amazing and I was so honored and I was completely amazed that I was offered that gig, and it was not lost on me.

Michelle Malone is performing alongside Caroline Aiken and her band at The Foundry on Friday, July 29.

The Red & Black talked with Malone over the phone about still feeling childlike, making people happy and fond memories over the years.

Michelle Malone: I listen to a lot of blues and jazz. It’s not me, but other than that I listen to everything.R&B: Where was the last place you found that emotional connection? MM: The biggest thing that has made me grow as an artist is really growing from inside out of myself. It has to do with becoming more aware, being more open-hearted and making sure that what I do is done from a place of [bringing] others joy. R&B: What do you consider your most challenging album to date that you’ve recorded? When you get a good crowd there at the Melting Point, I guess it’s called The Foundry now — it’s such a good vibe there.MM: Well here in Denver, yesterday, I had a great show here and it was beautiful. MM: My first major label record was really hard because I don’t feel like I had a lot of freedom or a lot of say. I was really new, naive and headstrong so that made it a difficult process. If I continually keep getting better then I’ll keep doing it, but if I plateau and start to suck than I’m out of here. I wouldn’t aim it at any demographic, even if I knew how. MM and DTR are coming together again to celebrate their anniversary... Michelle Malone, Billy Pitts, Phil Skipper, and Joey Huffman will be joined by Doug Kees on guitar to play their songs from Relentless, New Experience and more!

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