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Reading Crown Court heard that matters then worsened in the following months leading to them splitting on Christmas Eve the same year.

Watson later allegedly discovered through Trooper Dicks's wife that his old friend had begun an affair with Ms Foston.

A soldier kidnapped his ex-best friend at knifepoint, dug a grave and tried to murder him after the pal bragged about sleeping with his wife, a court heard.

John Watson, 43, allegedly plotted to kill his estranged wife's new boyfriend James Dicks, 29, having created a 'murder checklist' before pouncing on him.

Watson told the court his wife Lynsey Foston became engrossed in her mobile phone and using social media websites during a trip to Alicante in 2015.

He quit his job in the Army to be closer to his now ex-wife and their two daughters but admitted he was 'walking on egg shells' during their holiday.

I'm not sure tablets would work 100 per cent.'I've got some weights in my room and I would have used them to hang myself.

Watson said: 'James Dicks told Lynsey that I was cheating on her. The way it ended up I wanted to kill him.'I wanted to know what the sentence was for murder so I Googled it. Twenty to 30 years life in prison is a long time.'I was aware James was going on family days with my children to the seaside.

These explained the 29-year-old's disappearance to his family the day after the attack near the Combermere Barracks.

Watson, who stood in the dock dressed in a dark grey suit today, said he could not have had a stronger relationship with Trooper Dicks - describing it as a 'bromance'.

He was also informed he would not be transferred to a base closer to home for another two years. I didn't want to pry into asking her what was wrong or who she was messaging.

I thought she must have been messaging her friends.

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