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Though this is one of the basic things while dealing with women, it is certainly very important.

Indian women have a high regard for men who respect them.

You don’t need to be flashy, but rather, be distinctively caring for the girl.

Make your woman feel that you genuinely care for her and can take pains to be there for her.

You can certainly make a lasting impression on a girl if you are intellectual.

Indian girls have a predilection for men who have a rich intellectual side, especially from the perspective of viability of a long term relationship.

Looking good is apparently a prerequisite for impressing a girl.

If you are not too sure about your fashion sense, then you can always consult a friend who has a good taste in clothes.

You can also try your hand at poetry or sketching to come off as a little eccentric. Impressing the family of a girl will automatically make way for impressing the girl.

A talent can easily help you to stand out from everybody, in her eyes.

However, you need to ensure that you are actually good with your talent or it will probably count for naught.

If you are able to impress a girl’s friends, then you are half way through impressing her.

You can’t expect to impress a girl until you set yourself apart from her other friends.

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