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This script was disregarded in favor of George Goldsmith's screenplay, which featured more violence and a more conventional narrative structure.

Filming took place mainly in Iowa, but also in California.

The girl named Rachel leading the ritual tells Burt about He Who Walks Behind The Rows, and about the ritual: that it is a preparation for the ritual sacrifice of a child who has grown to adulthood. Burt is chased through the town and is rescued by Job, who stops him and beckons for him to hide in the fallout shelter built by the siblings' father, now deceased.

Isaac, through his 17-year-old lieutenant Malachai, leads the children in a revolution, brutally killing all of the adults in the town.Over the ensuing years, the children take any adults passing through as sacrifices.Three years later, Vicky and her boyfriend Burt pass through Nebraska while driving cross-country to Burt's new job as a physician in Seattle, Washington.Burt asks Vicky to stay with Sarah in the house and goes on foot into town to continue searching for a phone.He finds that most of the buildings are in a state similar to the diner; rundown and strewn with corn leaves.

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