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She’s also been featured in numerous national newspapers and magazines.

In addition to her book, Gloria has also created a variety of CD’s, DVD’s and workbook programs to help people be successful in dating and relationships.

Having interviewed hundreds and hundreds of single men and women and having introduced over 3,000 couples through her dating service, Gloria is an expert in her field of matchmaking and relationships.

She’s had many television appearances including NBC’s Style by Jury, Dating 201, Breakfast Television, This Hour has 22 Minutes, CTV News, Three Takes and The Jon Dore Show.

A relationship with a machine could certainly have some advantages, such as the ability to make them look and behave exactly the way we want.

What if you were married for 23 years and now you’re single? What has changed since you last dated (in your 20’s)?

Besides dating apps, other technologies like virtual and augmented reality could also have a huge impact on the way we date in the future.

With virtual reality, it wouldn’t matter if the other person was on the other end of the world, the technology would make it feel as if they were right there in the room with us.

We would have the freedom to be ourselves, without having to change and adapt to someone else’s idea of a perfect partner.

Some people might even prefer to be with a robot than with a real human.

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With their current levels of sophistication, machines are becoming increasingly human-like. Beating the Turing test is one thing, but replicating human appearance and behaviour enough to fool someone into thinking they are dealing with a real person is something completely different.

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