Government mandating health insurance

Japan, on the other hand, already boasts the world's lowest infant mortality rate and longest life expectancy, while achieving more success than America at containing medical costs: in 1991, spending on health care accounted for a mere 6.6 percent of Japan's total gross domestic product versus 13.4 percent of America's. What aspects of the Japanese model might be applicable to the United States?

To explore these questions, on Friday, April 30, 1993, the Japan Society organized a one-day conference entitled Making Universal Health Care Affordable: How Japan Does It.

This exclusion is unfortunate and obscures some outstanding successes of health policy in Japan.

For instance, in only 20 years and starting from a level similar to the United States, Japan has achieved the lowest infant mortality rate in the world.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge David Forbes at New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service for his secretarial assistance; Jennifer Capson Mc Manus for proofreading the manuscript; and Donna Keyser and Lou Montesano for assisting in its publication. Yet policy analysis of the Japanese system of health care remains underdeveloped..

Indeed, serious debates regarding health care reform strategies for the United States often exclude references to Japanese health care delivery and financing.

Three distinguished panels of Japanese and American health care specialists discussed the management of Japan's universal health care coverage, ways to balance quality care and cost containment, and how the United States might profit from Japan's experience.

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