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The Tariff Browser is maintained by the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finances within the framework of the Integrated Customs Tariff Information System - ISZTAR 3.

The browser provides detailed information concerning the commodity tournover to the Customs Administration and to all interested in that issue.

As mentioned, some traditions have lived on longer in Poland than many other European countries.

It’s still very much expected that a woman takes care of the household and look after the children.

Easter Monday is an official public holiday in Poland, so schools, banks, government offices and most private businesses are closed.

There is a trade prohibition on public holidays in Poland.

The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox.

Whilst it’s not necessarily a topic for a first date you will want to know about his beliefs before you get serious, which you would with anyone you date.Not that I’m saying I’m funny, but you know…)In Poland the right to abortion isn’t a given, nor are contraceptives, so make sure if you meet a man in Poland that you make it clear that you won’t have unprotected sex with him and bring the condoms yourself.Doctors can still deny women contraceptives there, even if it’s rare.Both the EU data coming from the TARIC system and the Polish data (VAT and excise taxes), as well as some national non-tariff measures not integrated in the TARIC database, are presented in the browser.fair in Krakow, where people set up stalls of candy, toys and trinkets.

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Poland is, overall, more traditional than many other European countries though so some traditions, like men paying the bill, still live on to a certain extent.

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