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This means that the searches for configuration files and libs first in the application folders and only after he doesn't find the required resources he loads the configuration of the webserver.Maybe thats the case and the tomcat 5.x was configured that way.This deep dive technical presentation focuses on deploying SOA composites, OSB services, MDS artifacts, and BAM objects to Oracle SOA Suite 12c, using the console, WLST, and Ant scripts.Taken from a snippet from my Oracle SOA Suite 12c Administrator's Guide from Packt Publishing, this is the most comprehensive explanation of deployment that administrators of Oracle SOA Suite 12c will find.your slf4j calls are actually direct logback calls).Uses a different config-file (but there are online log4j.property converters).I'm thinking that putting the shared jar in each webapp's WEB-INF/lib directory would sort this but then I'd end up with many copies of the same thing.Package the shared jars with the individual webapps - saving a few megs of RAM is just not worth the class loading headaches.

I've done a fair amount of reading (including and the classloader and logging docs on the tomcat website) and mostly I can't work out how it worked the way it did in tomcat 5!

I'm looking to upgrade our tomcat instance from 5.5.27 to 6.0.32 and am having some issues with the logging from jars in the shared/lib directory (I've recreated this directory in tomcat 6).

We have a jar file that we create as part of our build process with some common code in it and under tomcat 5 this lived under shared/lib.

However, you said you're putting logging.properties in WEB-INF/lib I don't think that's right, as that should only contain jar files.

It should go in WEB-INF/classes/ Also, at this point in time, stop using commons-logging.

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