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The tour, which will also have a few Australia, United Kingdom and Asia dates, will close in mid-November in Florida.

Drinking Arnold Palmers in an upscale Los Angeles burger joint, Tegan and Sara Quin have just been slipped a love note: a folded napkin delivered by the waiter, from a trio of young fans sitting nearby.

It's a fitting tribute to the Canadian sister duo ahead of its eighth studio album, , the people and conversations that inspired the songs. Tegan: We reference a lot of ‘90s stuff—it’s funny because everyone’s picking up on the ‘80s vibes, but we actually used a lot of ‘90s keyboards.

We did a little more collaborating in the studio than we’ve ever done.

We noticed that some of the diehard fans who initially had been like “Heartthrob, ugh,” came around.

They were both kind of funny, and they had attitude. There's the storm, and her face is just so dewy and wet. Sara: When they zoom away they make it look as if she's literally been left on the island alone, and they just get further and further away. Where they keep going further and further until they get to the International Space Station and you know that that girl is still on that island? With the twins, did you ever think, “That's not fair to reduce them to being a unit”?

Once you know and like something, it’s hard to force yourself to change and accept whatever come with that change.

It’s our job as artist to make the change as pleasurable as possible. It’s about finessing them so that before people ask themselves if they’re okay with it, they’re finding themselves really enjoying it.

It's a thin chocolate that has a caramel piece inside it, and what I like to do is just take it and bite gently through the chocolate and then pull it off with my teeth.

It's about the early days of dating someone where you really like them and you want to make it official," the 35-year-old twin said.

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