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Also, she has very limited dating experience due to her being so picky.If you pass the interview, be prepared for a lot of work and patience.Or the one that dates way below “her level” on the low to keep the other side of the bed warm sometimes. This is one of those DMV lawyers, a CEO of some non-profit or startup, or director of some agency with a lot of letters and numbers in her title.

You literally “get in where you fit in” with this one. Despite her southern roots, she moved to the DMV (aka the “Dingy South”) for her career or grad school and forgot all of pleasures and perks of her upbringing.

As a single man, I converse with many women of many types at these events. This post is meant to take a comedic look at some of the types of women that I have encountered in my years of dating in the DMV. The second downside is that most of her friends are just as exotic and eager for attention.

Whatever I get into on this New Years Eve, I am more than likely going to run into each of these types. Imagine sipping in a room with seven of the most exotic women with the most exotic shapes (I’ll keep it PG) you have ever seen talking to you in exotic accents. Somewhat untainted by the “American” way, dating an American African is definitely an experience! The “Meet Me or Beat Me” Club This woman has a Ph D (or three Masters), a mortgage for an overpriced 500 sq.

I consider myself one of those that would fall under the social grouping of “Black Professionals”. One is that they tend to pick up (and hold on to) some of our worst stereotypes, and their misunderstandings come off as irritating.

When I find time to actually socialize, I tend to find myself looking for black professional events to hang out with supposedly like-minded people. Their Americanization sways their perspectives of the life that we, African-Americans, know through our experiences.

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