Russian dating manwoman 2016

So it is just not true.”Responding to Obama’s statement, the article acknowledged, “Now, [the gun store owner] could have interrupted the president to mention that Obama really hasn’t had the opportunity to do that.

Congress writes the laws, not the president”: Rhude didn’t sit down after asking his question.

He began his public work in 1975 and lectured worldwide from 1979 onwards, only finally stopping at the age of 90.

In 1974 he introduced Transmission Meditation – a new group meditation, which is both a means of personal development and a form of service to the world.

Glad to get rid of him, but somehow his arrogance leads me to believe, he will remain one jerk of an annoyance to our country for years to come. Nobody cares about his opinion, as its always 180 degrees wrong.

Do me a flavor, and after loading the above link ..

The agitprop out of the White House isn't working these days, thanks to the advent of fake news of course. Trump's triumphant victory of Hillary Clinton and Obama's legacy, Obama took to the podium for one last time to divide Americans -- this time invoking the revered late President Ronald Reagan -- saying he'd be 'rolling over in his grave' now had he known that over a third of republicans approve of Putin in some random poll.

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump may have more in common than any other pair since James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. After the dude with thuh book fucked it up in public 'n' shit? Prolly Michelle made fun of the size of his member 'n' shit. ] presidents we, collectively, have (s)elected since time immemorial, from George Washington (see Whiskey Rebellion) to Obummer and (faux) Sandy Hook (and much worse).Special announcement Share International regrets to announce that Benjamin Creme, British artist, author and lecturer has died.Do you think he could love himself anymore than he already does, and do you think he could have been more incompetent and damaging to the US than he already Did ??? This guy has been just one great big human suck wad !!!

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  1. It purported to advocate the intermarriage of whites and blacks until they were indistinguishably mixed, as a desirable goal, and further asserted that this was the goal of the Republican Party.