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"I was perhaps the only Indian kid in my elementary school, forget about other Sikh kids," he says.

Growing up in Brooklyn, away from the insulating Sikh communities in other parts of New York, Waris missed having friends from a similar cultural background.

"I used to attend Sikh camps in the summer and meet Sikh kids from other parts of the country and what always amazed me was the fact that here were these kids growing up together with others like them.

Waris' acting career started by similar happenstance.

In his 36 years, he's attempted to start a music magazine, organised rave parties, designed opulent jewellery for the rich and famous and managed to carve out a niche for himself as an actor, appearing in three major Hollywood films under acclaimed directors Wes Anderson and Spike Lee.

Waris was born in Amritsar, grew up in Brooklyn and now makes his home in Manhattan's Tony West Village.

I like to get involved in things and if they hold me for more than a day, I need to know how it works." In the 1990s, while the U. was in the grips of a recession, Waris decided on a lark that he wanted to wear diamonds.

"It was a kind of gesture of social commentary," he says.

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