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For many of us, that means potential boyfriends or girlfriends must pass the “cat test.” “When I was single, I always let my cat choose my mates,” says Layla Morgan Wilde, who met her husband online 10 years ago.

“If my cat, Merlin, didn’t like a date, he’d pace back and forth in front of the person, giving me the hairy eyeball. If he did that, there was never a second date.” The Cat Lover’s Profile When it comes to dating online, cat owners frequently mention their cats, include cats in profile photos or require that potential dates love cats too.

It’s not uncommon these days to meet a significant other online.

My ironing board is no longer for ironing, as an example. The first time my cat met my now husband, he was all over his lap.

When you do start dating, it’s never good to be overly available.

The man in question need not know you’re home alone enjoying feline company.

Studies have shown pets reduce stress, so having a cat makes you a more relaxed, happy, even-keeled person.

This helps attract the right kind of man and makes you more discriminating and less likely to throw yourself at every Tom, Dick or Harry who looks your way.

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