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It therefore came as quite a shock that when I sat down to watch this movie for only the second time, just how much I really enjoyed it.

While I agree with Patrick that Liz dominates the scenes she is in with Newman, it is hardly surprising. However, in Newman's scenes with Ives, he truly shines, displaying quite a range.

It's about Big Daddy coming to terms with his mortality, Brick coming to terms with the guilt he feels over the death of his lover, and Maggie and Brick coming to terms with their past and their future.

It is these emotional dealings that make up the plot.

on March 27 to promote his new book Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women as I Knew Them. Click below to hear Langella’s opinions on Paul Newman’s limitations as an actor, Charlton Heston’s sex appeal and the time he watched John F.

Rather than discussing his own acclaimed performances from his extensive career, Langella shared stories of other “fascinating people” he’s had the chance to work alongside.

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