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He also found that she wasn’t doing a very good job at meeting those needs that she initially had met perfectly. Because of the dynamics of the affair, life’s realities rarely enter into the affair relationship. The cheating spouses also bring to their relationship the same problems they had in their marriage.

Therefore, the cheating spouses seem to possess all the qualities for each other that they thought had been lacking in their lives previously. Just because everything is wonderful right now and they feel that their spouses are the reason for their discontent, they will soon learn that their new relationship will just be as unsatisfying and problematic. Eventually the secrecy, excitement and newness of the relationship wear off.

Thinking about Doug’s and my brother’s affair, it upsets me to know that the initial feelings of admiration, attention and excitement can cause so much turmoil to people they have been forging relationships with for years.

They begin to wonder if all the trouble is really worth it. The cheating spouse realizes that the potential loss is too great.

When the cheater is faced with the consequences of his/her actions, they often come to the harsh reality of what potentially they could lose.

Doug also had mentioned that Tanya had a previous relationship where she got “close” to someone. During an affair, the cheating spouse may believe that they feel so alive with their affair partner and that person is all that they need to make them complete and happy.

Is this the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Would you be able to know for certain your affair partner is committed to you? A relationship that begins with lies and betrayal will always continue—and end, that way. Little do they realize though, that the cheating spouse is being fulfilled in other areas by their wife and family. In April, he left his wife and family and went to live with his affair partner.

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