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And while that can be a cheap and easy way to relax, it’s not always a great way to reconnect.At the end of the date I’ve usually just fallen asleep, and we haven’t even TALKED to each other.Read Full Tip for late night swim Look at the lights Take a short drive to a secluded overlook where you can admire the lights of ...Read Full Tip for Look at the lights Mall Watching You and a date should go to the mall. Read Full Tip for Mall Watching Midnight Junk Food Picnic Fun date idea that you take your date on a midnight picnic and just bring junk ...Then we took turns picking out a slip of paper and completing the (totally embarrassing) dare that was written on it. We’ve already written out a list of dares and their point values for you.So many inside jokes and memories were born playing Mall Dare. Take turns picking and completing a dare & recording your score. (The more embarrassing the dare, the more points it’s worth.Read Full Tip for At the Lake at Sunset Backyard Camping On a hot summer night, get out some sleeping bags and take her outside for a ...Read Full Tip for Backyard Camping Be a Tourist for a Day This is a good one if you live in a medium to large city. Read Full Tip for Be a Tourist for a Day Body Art Artistic or not, this one is fun. Read Full Tip for Body Artbummin it upthis is great if both people play an instrument and or sing. Read Full Tip for bummin it up Carnival or Fair Going to a carnival or fair is the perfect date. Read Full Tip for Carnival or Fair Comedy Club Find out if there are any comedy clubs in the area go! Read Full Tip for Comedy Club Dinner and a movie If youre planning on dinner and a movie, go to the movie first so youll have ...

Read Full Tip for pick your dates clothing Progressive Date For those who are not familiar with the term "Progressive Date," all it means ... Read Full Tip for Wake up call Warm Summer Night Go to a store and buy glow in the dark sticks (make sure you get two different ...

So here’s a fun date night alternative that will have you cracking up in no time.

(And don’t worry- it’s still totally cheap When I was in high school, my friends and I use to love to play Mall Dare. We’d write up funny dares on slips of paper and then head to the mall.

In fact, my husband heard so many “Mall Dare stories” from me that he decided to plan this date night version of the game. So asking for change for a nickel will only get you 2 points, but your best, public marriage proposal will earn you 8 points.) Not feeling very adventurous or brave?

When I first heard his idea, I was a little apprehensive. I decided to be a good sport and play along (my husband can charm me into doing anything), and we seriously had SO much fun!! Download your free, printable Mall Dare Score Card below. Before the game, wager what the loser has to give the winner. Don’t worry, we’ve included a blank score card so you can make the dares as tame or as wild as you want.

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