Updating java on mac os x

If you receive a notification that Java is required, follow the onscreen instructions for installation before using the Adobe product.Many Adobe applications are dependent on the Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for some features to work.Double click the package installer, enter your password when prompted, and your new Java 7 JDK will be installed in a few minutes. Note To understand the remaining steps you need to understand that Mac OS X is a Unix operating system, and you have to know a little Unix to get certain things done.You may want to read some background information first.Command line shells, at least the ones on Unix, are far more powerful than graphical shells, so you need to learn one, and BASH is by far the most popular.

The PATH variable contains a colon-separated list of directory paths that contain executable files (commands).

Following recent security vulnerabilities with Java, we recommend that Mac OS X users check their version of Java and keep it up-to-date.

If Java is not installed, we recommend that you postpone installing it until absolutely necessary.

When you type a command at the shell prompt, the directories in PATH are searched for a match.

You can find out exactly which executable file will be executed in response to a particular command with the A link is a pointer to a file or a directory, kind of like a reference variable.

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