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Ariana Grande When it was announced that Harry had written a love song called "A Little Bit Of Your Heart" for Ariana, everyone assumed that the song must be , "He is a very, very, very nice boy but I'm not like...

He's just a nice friend." Anyway, dating Harry would totally get in the way of whatever she has going on with Big Sean.5.

I know what you're doing." Another Harry girlfriend rumor squashed by the man himself.6. Asami was actually a huge fan of 1D before she even joined Neon Jungle so when she saw him at the Brit Awards, she had to get a pic with him. Literally, I've met him a few times and he's a cool dude." But don't get it twisted—Asami isn't above admitting she'd totes go on a date with Harry if he asked.

Lou Teasdale Lou Teasdale has been One Direction's hairstylist since the very beginning, so it's pretty obvious she's super close with all the 1D boys, like, helloooo: She's spotted out all the time hanging with Harry, whether it's getting dinner or apartment shopping, and he's often pictured holding her daughter Lux (which is too adorable). The logic was he's in a boy band, she's in a girl band, Zayn's dating a girl in a girl band (Perrie Edwards from Little Mix), so obvs, Harry must have taken a page from Zayn's book and found true love with Asami! She didn't expect the crazy dating rumors to follow though, and set the record straight, telling Entertainment Wise, "He's a cool dude but nothing's going on. "Of course I would, yeah," she said when asked if she'd date Harry.

Harry can't be this close to a woman and not be dating her, right? Harry and Lou are totally just super close friends. "It's Harry Styles and I'm a big Directioner."Are there any other celebs YOU thought Harry dated?

The country starlet and One Direction lothario are rumoured to be jetting to Cannes for a romantic break in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their short relationship.

Which is all a way of saying that Harry Styles, the man who didn't win season seven of , is joining One Direction fans across the Internet in playing a song about it in his bedroom.Swift and Styles spent a whirlwind two months together before splitting after a New Year's break went awry.Reports claim a mammoth blow-out fight left Taylor boarding a flight home from the Virgin Islands alone earlier this month, while Harry stayed on to party with bigwig businessman Richard Branson.But if Harry could and would date a girl( or a fan) they would have to be 14 years old to 36 years old but no younger or older. -You like to chill and be relaxed -You are really down to earth Harry Styles doesn't only date girls with these traits, but really likes them: -Blue eyes -He prefers curvy girls, because theres more to grab onto.And they have to be between the ages of 14 and 36 by this day, you can't be 12 and wait two years and be like 'yeah I'm 14' because be then he wants older than 16 and less than 38. -He has had many blonde girlfriends but would't mind dating a brunette either.

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