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Facing both backlash and support alike, Kellie says the reaction from her former boxing pals has been a mixed bag."I kept some friends but some keep their distance.There's a couple that won't speak to me," she admitted."They were really good friends at the time.You'll either destroy everyone around you or destroy yourself."Everyone's journey is different, some people haven't had the surgery and some have."Since her stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2014, where she was the fifth evictee, Kellie has been spotted on a few dates with Sex and the City actor Lincoln Hudson.Coleen Nolan prompted a discussion about the difficulties of dating by asking her about their relationship."We met because he wanted to write a play about my life.With this project we have the opportunity to positively shift cultural perceptions of women in the trans and queer communities." Filming on Her Story wrapped in May and Speed of Joy is eyeing a fall 2015 release.The production company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to cover the costs of post-production and marketing.We went out three or four times for dinner but he's a little bit boring," Kellie explained."It's very hard for a transwoman to date.Men text and say they like your pictures, but they must recognise me."I don't want to embarrass anyone and I don't want to embarrass myself.

“The Breaks” is scheduled for a January 2017 premiere., a scripted series from Speed of Joy Productions and producer Katherine Fisher, tells the story of two trans women who have all but given up on love when a series of chance encounters give them renewed hope.Trans activist Jen Richards stars as Violet, a women who falls for the reporter (Laura Zak) sent to interview her, while Angelica Ross stars as career-driven Paige who meets James (Christian Ochoa), the first man in years she considers opening up to.Pat has been issued, as stated by Fox on Wednesday.The show, which has yet to be titled, will be based on Ms.

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