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Women seem to prefer full hair, where men are more likely to be fascinated by length, but both sexes like hair.Hair is pretty and soft and nice to touch, and it is generally a plus.Hypocritically, Dowd has also accused her of “cry[ing] sexism too often.” Even Norman Ornstein, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, mocked Dowd’s column, tweeting, “Congratulations!This is the 7,673rd time Maureen Dowd has written this column! Women, though, cannot give up the idea of love as a game, and when they see that one trick is not working they must take up another.If abuse is (surprise) not working, they think that indifference will. If be yourself has no meaning, then make a game of it by trying to be some imaginary person who is nice.The kind of men that like shiny things on women are the kind of men that like Pam Anderson.These men are not the ones that would naturally be attracted to the brainy type.

Dowd might as well blame men for liking chocolate ice cream or puppies.The number one reason they are single is that they title their books Are Men Necessary? On page 1, Dowd tells us that men like shiny things, like lots of hair on the head, and dont like sarcasm.Well, in general, men do like lots of hair on the head, as do women.In my experience, clever women cant be bothered to respect this line.Being clever is equivalent for them to being independent, so that being clever without insulting a man present is almost beside the point. It does not require an eggshell ego to take offense when it is clearly intended.

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She would have been smarter to take it all as the ultimate compliment, which any fool can see that it is, but if she prefers to flaunt her independence by flying in the face of all reason, that is certainly her choice to make. This is the line that the Modern Girl seems to be unable to draw.

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