“This regulation is absolutely the most outrageous intrusion into the rights of professional truckers imaginable and will do nothing at all to improve highway safety.In fact, we firmly believe it will do exactly the opposite by placing even more pressure and stress on drivers than they already deal with.” OOIDA successfully thwarted a previous attempt by the FMCSA to mandate ELDs, arguing they could be used by shippers and carriers to harass drivers into using up all their legally available driving time, even when tired.An already safe and efficient industry will get more so with the aid of this proven technology.” Less enthusiastic was the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), which vowed to fight the legislation.“This rule has the potential to have the single largest, most negative impact on the industry than anything else done by FMCSA,” blasted Jim Johnston, OOIDA president and CEO.However, Joanne Ritchie, executive director of OBAC, says she does question the need for such a rule.

3 - (The struggles I'm facing) - Again, there's not really a translation for this that I know of, so I put what is up there. 4 - (the chances I'm taking) - I'm not so sure about this.

As such, today’s e-log systems, under the context of the law, are defined as automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs). 16, 2019 before they must transition to ELDs that meet the new technical standard.

Elise Chianelli, senior product manager, safety and compliance with People Net, said during a Webinar explaining the new mandate that most ELD suppliers estimate it will take between 12 and 24 months to update their currently available AOBRD platforms.

“Companies who are paying a decent dollar off the e-logs and managing their operations (legally) to compensate for the shortcomings of Ho S that have earned their drivers’ acceptance of the technology.

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“There is no strong evidence that there are any direct safety benefits,” she told Truck News.

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