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Sherif now arranged the Competition Stage where friction between the groups was to occur over the next 4-6 days.In this phase it was intended to bring the two groups into competition with each other in conditions that would create frustration between them. baseball, tug-of-war etc.) were arranged with a trophy being awarded on the basis of accumulated team score.

At this time, several Rattlers made threatening remarks about what they would do if anybody from The Eagles bothered their flag.Of the adolescents, 91.7% live with their parents and the vast majority is dating or has dated.The victimization conflict behaviours superseded those of perpetration and the boys showed more conflict strategies (of the self and the other) compared to girls, while girls and older boys had demonstrated more non-abusive strategies of the self.The boys developed an attachment to their groups throughout the first week of the camp, quickly establishing their own cultures and group norms, by doing various activities together like hiking, swimming, etc.The boys chose names for their groups, The Eagles and The Rattlers, and stenciled them onto shirts and flags.

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