Updating hardware

Updating to the latest drivers for your computer controllers can help with their reliability, as well as that of the drives connected to them.

If you are using a device separate from your computer motherboard, see the controller drivers page for a listing of manufacturers and drivers.

It will require a bit of preparation, and you'll need to take safety precautions like turning off your machine and discharging static by wearing an anti-static wrist strap or regularly touching a piece of grounded metal.

Firmware updates help resolve any hardware related issues you may be experiencing with the CD drive such as being unable to read some CD Discs or may update the region code on your DVD drive.Unlike a driver update, these updates should only be performed for users who are experiencing hardware related issues with their drives.Most firmware updates are accessible through the manufacturer's CD driver page, see the CD driver page for a listing of these links.As newer and more memory-intensive software comes out, and old junk files accumulate on your hard drive, your computer gets slower and slower, and working with it gets more and more frustrating.You are tempted to run to the electronics store every time you double-click your favorite application and have to wait 30 seconds for it to open, or you open a second program and it brings your system to a grinding halt.

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